Guide to Cox Outlook Setting for Microsoft Outlook

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Email services are everywhere and everyone is using multiple email services present in the world today. It is quite obvious that users from around the world know about Gmail and Yahoo email services, but there are other email services like Cox which have made quite a niche for themselves. As users are using multiple email and connectivity services and want to interact with each other across platforms, one thing that people want to know about is how to ensure Cox Email Setup on OutlookIn this article, you will know about how one can set it up with outlook and communicate with colleagues and friends. 

How to set up Cox email with Outlook?

This is the section in which you will know how to ensure setting up email through Cox SMTP Server

  • Start Outlook and tap on "Tools," then tap on "Account Settings."

  • Then choose the "Email" tab, perhaps hit the "New" button.

  • Then you must select "Microsoft Exchange, POP3, IMAP or HTTP" and hit "Next."

  • You need to click on the check box "Manually configure server settings or additional server types" and tap on "Next."

  • Choose "Internet e-mail" and tap on "Next." Write your name and email address before""

Then choose Cox Email POP Settings in the "Account Type" dropdown menu.

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