Is there an email service that doesn't require a phone number?

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Most of us hate to add our phone numbers in social media even if it is not going to be visible in public. If you are someone like that who hates to publish your phone number even while creating an email service, then we are here to guide you. 

    While creating a Gmail account or yahoo or any other email services you will have to add your email account. Are you searching for an email service that does not require a phone number In this, we will be discussing email services that can be created free without a phone number. 

1. Protonmail

    An email without phone number can be created using protonmailThis is a privacy focused email service, which even provides encryption for messages. 

    To create an account here you will have to just add a username, password and a recovery email address (this is optional). 


    It is also an email without phone number. You will have to add your first name, last name, country you belong, state, security question and password. 

    Multiple accounts can be managed using this email provider and has a storage up to 2 GB. From 200 different domain names you can choose yours and your account will be protected from spam and virus. 

Important note

    While creating an account using these kinds of email providers or any email providers, you must remember to set a security question with an answer. Setting this is going to be very helpful since you can get back your account even if you forgot your password just by answering that security question.

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