Method to recover emails disappearing from Outlook 365

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It might sound surprising that the emails from outlook are disappearing but let us tell you that there are many users who are dealing with this problem and they are looking for ways to how to restore outlook emails

Well, the users do not need to worry as in this blog we are going to tell you about the ways which you can follow if you are looking for ways for how to retrieve mail in outlook. So, let us move to the ways without any further delay. 

Ways to recover the messages on Outlook  

  1. Checking other folders 

It could be possible that the emails which you are receiving are moved to some other folders like spam, junk, deleted so we advise our users to check these folders as well for the emails which you are looking for so that you do not face troubles in finding your mail. When you have found your email in any of such folders you just need to move them to the inbox folder and then you can access Outlook emails disappeared there. 

  1. Save the outgoing mails on outlook 

  • Go to the file option on the outlook and when you are on the file option you need to go to the option of info and then from info option you need to go to the option of account settings. 

  • Now in the account settings window you need  to go to the emails tab and then click on the option which goes like change and after clicking on change option move to next step to fix emails disappearing from outlook 365

  • Now you need to turn on the option of leaving a copy for messages on the server so that you can save the outgoing emails which you are sending on outlook and also see the mails that are vanishing. 

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