How Do I Separate my Yahoo Email from AT&T?

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AT&T offers an email account which the users use and not only for communicating with the service of AT&T but it can also be used as a personal email account by the users to work with the emails for the users. 

But all these are common features of AT&T but the most important and amazing feature of AT&T is that attyahoo which means the users can merge their email with the Yahoo mail and use it and this has allowed the users to features of the combined service of Yahoo and AT&T. 

But there are many users who want to unmerge Yahoo email from A&T and for this we will provide you the exact steps for the same which will help you unmerge your account. 

Steps to unmerge your Yahoo account from AT&T – 

  1. Open Google search engine and then from there you need to go to the sign in page of AT&T so that there you can login into your account and use the username and the password of the account to login into your account. 

  2. After you have successfully logged into your account you have to click on the profile option and then there you will see the My ATT section and then click on it. 

  3. Now you have to see the AT&T email accounts options so that they can look for the option of Account profile and then click on it. 

  4. After you have navigated the user information tab so that you can click on the option of delete account and once available. 

  5. As soon as you click on unmerge your account will be unmerged and you can use ATT email yahoo separately. 

  6. And now you can login into your Yahoo account by going to www yahoo login so that you can use it. 

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