What are the Yahoo Email Server Settings for Android ?

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Dear yahoo you transformed from glittering blue to pastel blue and looking back, maybe it was  infinitesimally more magical than glaring red. Yahoo mail is an email service offered by Yahoo. It is an  optional domain name for a yahoo account. 

What is Yahoo Mail Used For? 

Yahoo! Mail is a web and cloud-based messaging solution that allows you to stay connected to your email with one-tap access to your inbox, multiple Yahoo account support, and instant email alerts from  any equipment. Yahoo! Will be the only thing after knowing how you can set your personal Yahoo account in your mighty Android phone. With brilliant expertise from the tables of Yahoo and the smart technology by Android, your mail experience with Yahoo will never be the same again. So, let’s check  out how you can easily set your Yahoo mail on your Android phone.  

How to Set up Yahoo! Mail with your Mobile Client using IMAP?  

On your Android phone, first up you will have to press the Home key, after which you will have to open  the Yahoo Email application which you have downloaded by scanning the QR Code or from the Android  Marketplace mentioned below. 

• Now, on the ‘Your accounts’ page, you will have to choose the Next option to get started with the  setup process. 

• After this, you will have to enter your full Yahoo! Address and password and then select the  Next option. 

• On the next screen, you can give the account a nickname and choose the name to display on  your outgoing messages. Tap Done and you are done. 


If not then have a sneak peek at it. I would want you to know the process goes the same for “yahoo mail  configuration” and “ Yahoo SMTP Server Settings“ 

Server Address: smtp.mail.yahoo.com. 

Username: Your Yahoo Address 

Password: Your Yahoo Password. 

Port Number: 465 (With SSL)

Alternative Port Number: 587 (With TLS) 

Authentication: Required. 

Sending Limits: 500 Emails a day or Emails to 100 connections a day. 

Altogether this app truly provides the best touch experiences with a neat user interface that sets the  mood to mail. Don’t blame me if you have stopped messaging and started mailing more as this is a  great application on the move.

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