Why is the internet working but not Outlook?

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In spite of the fact that investigating Internet issues can be baffling and remove time from your day, it is vital to not roll out clearing improvements to your organization without deleting different choices. In case your program won't interface with the Internet however Microsoft Outlook can't connect to a server, you doubtlessly have a program-related or DNS issue that should be settled.

Solutions to connect Outlook

Here are some reasons why outlook can't connect to the server.

Web Security Software

Assuming you utilize an individual or gathering firewall to screen and control Internet access, you might be unintentionally keeping your program from interfacing with the Internet. Actually look at all security settings, including against infection and hostile to spyware programming, to ensure your web program isn't on a limited rundown. Assuming that it is confined, eliminate your program from the rundown. Take a stab at associating with the Internet on another program or PC. 

Removing Add-ons

Modules and extensions are applications inside your Web program that permit you to fill specific roles, such as cooperating with games or recordings. Despite the fact that they consider greater usefulness inside the program, they can become defiled and create issues like not permitting your program to get to the Internet. It is conceivable that your program perceives an Internet association yet a module is keeping it from loading any data. Restart your program in Safe Mode or its identical to briefly debilitate additional items. In case your program opens in Safe Mode, or disables all additional items and restarting your program. Assuming that you can't disable additional items, take time to uninstall them and eliminate module documents from your PC.

DDNS Prefetching

Before you visit a website, you enter an alpha-numerical URL into your browser. Domain name servers translate the domain name to an IP address so you can access the site, and DNS prefetching is a process where your browser tries to speed up loading a website by translating Web links to domain names before you click on them. If your browser refuses to see a website when you launch it, DNS prefetching may be causing a page load error. Check your browser's support page for instructions on disabling DNS prefetching within your browser or try using a third-party DNS server to resolve DNS issues (see Resources)

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